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      I should like to know a little more about your family trouble, he said. Any other children beside yourself? I remember you once told me your mother was a widow.She saw that in a reasonable frame of mind she would not have meant anything. But she was cross and surfeited, and the cold in the head which had spared her so long was seriously threatening. She wanted, out of sheer perverseness, to defend an indefensible position.

      He cut her short.

      Yes, theyve told you right there, said he. Or perhaps youve got some fault to find with that, Mrs Goodford.


      And Im told she has a nice little fortune of her own, continued Mrs Goodford. Trust a Keeling for that. Ah, dear me, yes: there are some that go up in the world and some that go down, and I never heard that the Keelings were among those that go down.


      Not that it will do any good talking to your father, continued Mrs Keeling placidly, for Im sure in all these thirty years I never saw him so vexed as when you and I said we should keep on going to St Thomass after the incense and the dressing-up began. But I had made up my mind too.And did she see you? asked Alice, with a sort of idiotic eagerness. All the time there was ringing in her head, like a peal of baritone bells through{221} the quackings of the telephone, the lovely words, My dear little Helper! Bless you, my dear little Helper.


      For me? he asked. You make none.I had meant to, if it is convenient to you.